Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A peek into my world...

Ready to see my new classroom?  It's the Orange room! All the rooms are colored to make it easier for the kids to locate their room, and it's bright and cheerful! 

"Welcome!  It's "beary" nice to see you!"
(On the glass part of the door is where the saying is taped. The room was still in progress when I took these pictures.)

This is facing out the classroom door.  You can see the cubbies, class helpers chart, and the cute library spot!


Below is a view standing by the classroom door.  My teacher/computer table is in the bottom left, and you can see a few of the centers in the back.  Check out the cute curtains!  They have followed me for 4 years of teaching!  Thanks momma :)

Blocks!  Bead Table...Thanks Jeanne!  Puzzles!  Do you like the Color Critters on the wall?  I love them!  

In the next picture you can see our writing center on the left and the math center at the Kidney shaped table.  The door joins Ms. Deb's room and ours.  The kids play in both rooms at center time.  We also have a bathroom in the classroom and a sink that are not pictured.  I am spoiled with facilities this year.

This is our "safe place".  Kids can go here if they are sad, angry, upset, or need time alone.  If you're thinking time out spot, well you are mistaken! ;)  We have strategies for dealing with such behavior.  The tree will become our family tree with pictures later on!

 Here is the adult sink and teacher storage area.  The door on the far left is my office.  I didn't take a picture, but it houses my desk and more storage.  It's nice to have it out of the kids way where I can close the door and keep them out.

Well this was just a peek!  Come visit us to see more!  We like visitors.  
We have had a successful 4 days of school so far.  Here's to finishing out the week strong!

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  1. Well this is just the cutest classroom, Ms. Maria! Those are sure some lucky students who get to be in your class! So colorful and well designed for the kids!