Saturday, April 11, 2015

Virginia Guests - Easter 2015

First order of business...Aaron turned 28!!!!  
We had a great day celebrating him starting with breakfast and presents in the morning!  Then, a trip to Cabelas (bought a new fishing rod to go with a new reel from Dad) and Chick-fil-A for lunch!  Here are a few pictures to document the fun!  It is important to mention that the chef in the house, my sweet husband, decided to make his OWN cake!  There was no getting in the way of that!

He did a great job!!  
German Chocolate with Pecan icing and a little vanilla on the sides.

Cabelas!  Welcome to Kansas Mom!

Check out the handle of this mug.  

One of the things I gave Aaron for his birthday was a Chiefs license plate.
It fits perfect on his red truck!  

Casey snuggles after an afternoon of driving through crazy Wichita.  I will add that the night my parents and brother arrived at our house, there was a big welcoming thunderstorm.  Many stop lights in surrounding towns were out...which meant that we had a field-day driving through town just to get some lunch and to Cabelas.

Easter Egg dying!  This year we used rubberbands to add some fun designs!

Hi Phil!  This is before mom gave him a much needed hair cut.

Birthday dinner for Aaron!!  Grilled burgers, pasta salad, lettuce salad, and cake!  Did I mention that Aaron made this meal too?  I couldn't keep him out of the kitchen!  He's the best!  We were so blessed to have our Yoder family come to visit for the weekend!!  This has been a great tradition the last 2 years!

On Saturday, we did a bunch of gardening!  Phil has a green thumb just like my mom and helped so much weeding and planting! 

Our red buds are in full bloom!  We got lettuce, spinach, onions, and flowers planted!

Mom and I found some really cute fabric and did some sewing projects as well!  She made me this owl apron which has gotten a lot of use, and helped to whip together some fun, springy pillow covers for the couch pillows.

Hi family!  After church pictures before they had to leave us.  Such wonderful people!!  We wish we could share our house with you more often.  Casey loved all the attention he got this weekend as well.  He of course wanted to join the photo.

Phil will graduate on April 26 and we plan on flying to VA in just a few short weeks to celebrate!  

Again, so thankful for our family visiting!  Love you all!

Love, Maria