Friday, July 22, 2016

Virginia Home

Hi everyone!
I wanted to post some pictures from our new house in Virginia so that our friends and family out West can see where we are living!  I'll start with some of the old pictures in the kitchen. The 1st 3 pictures is what our house looked like before all the new appliances were installed, new sink, and backsplash.  Of course, my handy husband did all the work!!  He had a buddy come help him with plumbing and installing the new bathroom.

You can see the new floor in the kitchen really nicely in the picture below!  It's a beautiful dark laminate.  I can't even describe the upgrade the new floor did to the kitchen!  The old one was way out-dated!

This is where the current pictures of our house start!!

Check out the beautiful backsplash! 
And we love the black appliances!

Coffee Bar!

The lighting is a bit odd in this picture, but you can see the peninsula that we enjoy eating at!

Here's our beautiful table!  I love the high-top!  I might also add that Aaron and a buddy installed all new light fixtures in the house, including the fans in the bedrooms.  They are beautiful!

This is the bathroom that was gutted all the way down to the base-boards and has fresh dry wall, paint, and all new plumbing!  It's like a spa bathroom!

I also love the tile floor that looks like hard-wood!

Here's the living room.  We have new amazing furniture that we have been enjoying!  Our old leather couches are in Aaron's man cave, which you will see below.  I'll have to post another picture of the beautiful new rug (you can kind of see the edge of the rug in the picture below) and the nice big window on the other side of the room when I get a chance!  (Aaron and the baby where relaxing on the love-seat and I didn't want to disturb them!)

This is the front door and entry way.

Look at this view!!

Guest room/Music Room.

Our bedroom.

Here's Daniel's room!!
I love all the whales, and blue things!
We added banners from both the Kansas and Virginia baby showers.

I love the book shelf!  Can't wait till Daniel can pull out his own book choices.


Aaron put all the furniture together and everything looks so good!  

Below is the man cave.  Aaron has done a great job of making it look so good!  All it needs is a mini-fridge!

The basement is partially finished.  The man cave side is unfinished and then there is a finished bedroom and bathroom on the other side.

Here is a nook where we put the desk in the basement.

The laundry is right near the desk area.

Here's the finished bathroom in the basement...

And the finished bedroom, which is acting as storage space right now.

Well, there you have it. A quick tour of our house!  Now, come visit us!!
Love, Maria

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Welcome to the world baby boy!

Daniel Guy Billings
~Born on May 20, 2016
~19 inches long
~6 lbs. 14 oz.

Look how small he is in his swing!  Love that little nose all turned up!

This was daddy's first time holding him in the hospital!
Such a precious moment!

Our burrito baby!  The nurses always swaddled him so tight that he was like a stiff board!  It was adorable!  And that cute! 

Grandpa Billings is who Daniel is named after!
Three generations!

First family picture!

Grandma and Grandpa Billings visited us in the hospital!

So did my mom!  I called her at 8:00am, eastern time, and said "Get a plane ticket, now!"
She made it to the hospital by 10:00pm that night!  

I love his little foot prints on his birth certificate!

Little D came so fast once we got to the hospital!  We arrived at about 7:00am and was told that we were going to have a baby "TODAY!"  That made me get pretty emotional, as it he was still 2 weeks and 2 days early.  It was also my first day of summer.  What a surprise!  Thankfully we had everything all prepared for the little guy.  We got to the delivery room right away and got all the meds started and IVs.  At about 10:15am I was ready to push!  Aaron did a great job coaching me and feeding me ice chips :)  

We were sent home 2 days later and were welcomed by our Casey Boy!

We love our precious baby boy so much!  
I can't believe that he's already 1 month old!
Love, Maria

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Maternity Pictures!!!!

Hello everyone!
We got some really sweet pictures together before our sweet baby boy arrives!  We took these on April 2, 2016 at the Hesston Dyck Arboretum in Kansas.  The trees and flowers were just starting to bloom and the red trees in the background turned out beautiful! 

A special thanks to my brother and sister-in-law for taking these pictures!  
They sure are a great team!

Photo credit:  Danielle & Bryan Stucky

This first one is our favorite!  We just love the colors and hope to get this framed!

Aaron gets to feel our baby boy move all the time!  I just love that he is going to be a daddy.  He's going to be the absolute BEST!

See those cute, tiny shoes??  Can't get enough of them!

- 31 weeks -

And here is my favorite tummy shot!  Love, love, love everything about it!

Love, Maria

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Kansas Baby Shower!

I am so excited to share pictures from our Kansas Baby shower!!  
Aaron and I feel blessed to be celebrated by both of our families (who unfortunately live very far apart).  On Saturday, April 2, at 2:00pm we celebrated our baby boy with Aaron's family and lots of friends!  We had the baby shower at the church Aaron and I are attending, Whitestone Mennonite.  Below you'll find pictures that were taken by Danielle Stucky (pictured far right below) and some that were taken not so professional with our iphone.  Enjoy!!!

I just love my sister-in-laws!!

Every detail that was planned for the shower was perfect and so well thought through!  

Here's the handsome daddy-to-be!!  He's going to be the BEST daddy :)

This blue punch rocked my socks!  So yummy!  Did you notice how the colors of the cups and the balloons all coordinated?!!  That's how awesome the shower planners are!

We had the sweetest present opener to help us with the gifts!!  Makenah is our 6!!! year old niece.  We love her to pieces!

Baby's first (of many) chiefs hats!!

Madelyn was the cutest shower attendee.  Love this little girl!  She is crawling all over the place now!  She is being held my her Mimi (Bryan's mom).

Logan showed up at the end for some treats!!  He was so cute and was calling it the girl party!

Here are the fearless party planners!  Both of these ladies are so dear to me.  They are also very similar because they like to be organized and like making things look cute and festive!!  Thanks so much Rachel and Danielle!!

We played this fun game where we had to write down the titles to the children's book story/character.  My preschool teacher friends won, of course.

This is my Hesston group of friends!  
Left to right:  Megan, Chelsea & Grady, Maggie, and Billye.  

Maggie and I are due 3 days apart!  How fun!

We were so blessed to have Debbie Stucky attend the baby shower!  I just can't begin to tell you how amazing she is!  Debbie is my brother-in-laws mother, who we see and connect with whenever we are in Garden City visiting family.  We love the whole Stucky clan!

These are my Cooper Preschool teacher friends!!
Left to Right:  Diana, Vi, Kiley, Katie, Patty, Deb

I am so very thankful for each of these friendships! :)