Saturday, January 10, 2015

Billings Christmas 2014

Hello!  After my first week back to work, after Christmas break, I was totally ready for the weekend!  Thankfully we were able to sleep in and enjoy some R&R.  I have the last of my Christmas pics to share now.  We had a fun couple of days relaxing, playing with kids, playing LOTS of games, and playing more ping pong!  This was the year of playing ping pong at Christmas!  

Casey stayed with his Kansas Grandparents while we were in VA for a week.  We were happy to see him and he sure enjoyed his time :)  He is so spoiled!  We love him!

The Billings family is always so generous!  We also had so much fun giving gifts this year!

Aaron's parents got a picture framed of Aaron taken at the Chiefs game last season.  He loves it!  It showcases the Indian headdresses that everyone wears to the games.  This will be hung in Aaron's man cave, as soon as we get him one.  ;)

I got two really nice cutting boards!  One is cow shaped and one has our names engraved with our Wedding date!  (The engraved one will be used as decoration and will not be touched with onions or the like.  Too pretty for cutting on!)  I love the cow one because my mom has a pig one that I grew up using in VA.  So I love it!  Thank you Jenna, Danielle & Bryan!  We celebrated our 2nd Anniversary this year!!  (12-29-2012)

The kids got some fun gifts this year!!  Logan loves dinosaurs and trains and Makenah loves Frozen!  They played so nicely together!

Jenna made Makenah a beautiful Elsa cape from the movie Frozen!  It'll be great for dress-up!

Of course I had to buy her some books!

Here's the kitchen set that Grandma & Grandpa Billings got the kids!  It was so exciting!  A few tears may have been shed because it was so totally awesome ;)

Cupcakes!  She's a little baker.

Aaron ordered all the men in both of our families jerseys from their favorite teams!  Everyone was so pleased!

Even Stucky Baby #3 got some onesies!  Yes, Aaron's lovely sister and brother-in-law are due to have another sweet baby!  Yay!

Did I mention we played a lot of ping pong this Christmas!?  Aaron put together a table in his parents basement and we had lots of fun!

Playing with kids!!  Aaron does a great airplane for Logan!

Jenna read books to Makenah!

One evening we ate at Pizza-Hut and of course Grandma's lap is the most fun place to be :)  

We had such a fun Christmas with the Billings family and always love spending time with everyone!  Love you all!  Happy New Year as well!