Sunday, October 4, 2015

Hesston Barn Sale & family gathering - Oct. 2015

I will start this post by saying how much I appreciate my friend, Rachel Jennings.  She was one of my first friends I made after moving to Kansas.  She is so good at making friends and including people in fun activities.  She is so bubbly and I am so happy we still are friends, even though we don't work together at the preschool anymore.  

Anyways, this was our 2nd annual Hesston Barn Sale trip!  Yay for Fall, antiques, pumpkins, cinnamon rolls, red barns, crowds of people, and good company!  I love this time of year!  

After we had fun at the Barn Sale - Aaron drove us to Salina, Kansas for a Billings family reunion.  We went to one 2 years ago, and thought we should show our faces.  Aaron's sisters weren't able to make it, but we still had fun hanging out with Aaron's parents and seeing his aunts, uncles, and cousins.  

Happy October!

September Garden City, KS visit!

We got to visit our Kansas family on the last weekend of September!  We weren't able to travel over Labor Day, so we wanted to say hello to everyone!

Logan has the sweetest smile and cutest personality!  We love you Logan!

These kids look good in everything!!  Loving the pink boots on Makenah!

Here's Aaron's middle-sister, Jenna, with Madelyn!  

We had some really nice weather and got to play outside a bit!

Aaron is the BEST with his nieces and nephew!

Love to all.

Chiefs Season 2015!!

READY OR season is here to stay!!

Aaron went with his buddy Reed Hammond to the Chiefs vs. Broncos game!!!  He LOVES the Chiefs and cheers for them despite how they might play.  They usually make it on TV at least 1 time per game, because they sit in the front row (of the visitor side) and look like hard-core fans!!  Who wouldn't want to put these faces on TV!!??

I stay home.  But still cheered and watched the game!!  
I enjoy watching from the couch :)

Happy Football watching!!!