Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Yutzy Wedding!

 On July 2nd we celebrated the marriage of Ben and Risa Yutzy!  Aaron and I were so honored to be asked to sing a song during communion and be in Virginia with family and friends!  My brother, Nate, was a groomsmen!  He is standing 2nd on the right.  Risa's dress was beautiful and the weather turned out great!   Outdoor weddings can always cause a bit of stress, but it turned out beautiful!  

Dad was the sound-man and Phil helped during the service.  He's always happy :)

 For those of you who don't know, Ben is my first cousin who I grew up with.  Ben and Risa picked some great music for the wedding!  Below are my cousins Elizabeth Barthlow, Lena Weaver, and Jason Barthlow.  

Hi! :)  Thanks to my good friend Rachel for letting me borrow her cute dress!  I got to accessorize with my cowgirl boots :)  Aaron followed suit!

The married couple planned to drive away in this sweet car!!

I am lucky to have him as my wedding date!

Nate and Maggie...we definitely want to come visit ASAP!  We miss you two (doctors) already!

Reception Time!  The wedding was held at Trissels Mennonite Church and the reception was held in the fellowship hall at Zion Mennonite Church.  Here are my cute grandparents!  They are the definition of sweet and loving!  Side note:  Grandpa Risser had balogna made especially for us to take home to Kansas!  Our freezer is completely stocked with beef as well!  

I love my siblings!  (Mom was helping to orchestrate the reception...she has her trusty notes in hand!)

More good music!!

The happy couple!

The Yutzy wedding was the beginning of a wonderful week-long vacation in VA!!  Beach pictures to come!

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  1. Great pictures you guys! Can't wait to see more from the beach!