Saturday, August 23, 2014

Vacation out East!!

Hello everyone!  I feel like I have so much to tell you about!  We had an awesome week vacation in VA!  We were able to reconnect with family and lots of friends!  To name a few, the wonderful Codding family, Hannah Wenger and boys, Tamara and Daniel Martin and baby Lucas (!!), Josh and Elizabeth Mann (and baby in belly), and college friends!!  So after the Yutzy wedding weekend we loaded up Big Red and drove 4 hours (further) East to the BEACH!!!  I grew up going to VA Beach with my mom's Risser family. Aaron and I were so happy to spend some time with cousins that we haven't seen in awhile! 

We had some interesting beach weather including clouds, rain each day, some sun rays, and crazy waves!  We stayed in a house called the "Gray Gosling".  This house was great because we were a block from the beach (walking distance) AND had a dock for access to the bay!   OH...and a hot tub!

We rented a Kayak for a couple days and went out each morning for a quick spin!

Anyone hungry for some seafood???  We had a big seafood dinner with the entire family for 30+ people.  So yummy!  Aaron had fried flounder, and I had fried shrimp!  

My two lovely cousins and brother Phil!  (from left:  Leah Risser and Lauren Troyer)  You can see Aaron and Andrea Yutzy in the background!  We had two big tables to accommodate everyone.

Hi!  We got a little sun kissed.

Thanks for an awesome vacation mom and Aunt Jewel!  You two are beautiful!

Here's the whole crew!  Ha...sometimes group pictures can be a hoot!  (photo credit:  Dad Yoder)

We played games in the evenings including Dominion!  

On Thursday afternoon Aaron and I headed back to Harrisonburg to catch up with some friends before heading home.  While Aaron stayed busy with a college friend, I was able to see some of my best friends from college!  (from left:  Lauren Yoder, Kelly Fry, Sarah Roth Shank)  I met Kelly's handsome baby, Liam, for the first time!  Lauren will be heading to Nicaragua in October for a year missions trip with her husband, and I was able to see Sarah's new house on Collicello Ave!  We had so much fun laughing, eating good food at Bella Luna in downtown Harrisonburg, and ending the evening in Singers Glen at Lauren Yoder's house!  Such a wonderful time with these beautiful ladies!

Next, we decided to leave at 3 am on Saturday morning and drive 15 hours to get to Kansas City, MO for a Royals baseball game!  We love going to these games and had great seats in the outfield!  I have learned to LOVE going to baseball games in the last 3 years.  It especially fun once you get to know the players and watch them on a daily basis. I know my dad enjoys that Aaron loves baseball!  Shout out to Eric Kratz (EMU alum) for being traded to the Royals team!

Selfie shot at the game!  We were both running on adrenaline and completely crashed after the game was over!  We got up Sunday morning and drove 3 more hours to get home to Hesston.  Did I mention Sunday was my birthday?!  Aaron was so sweet and took me shopping at a teacher store called Lakeshore Learning Store.  Teacher HEAVEN!  

We were incredibly happy and content after having an AWESOME vacation week!  We love you all and loved getting to catch up with everyone!  Currently, school has resumed and I am loving having these wonderful beach memories to get me through the year!  
Love you all!

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