Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Car, Wedding and....FOOTBALL

Hi you guys!!  It's been awhile since I've blogged.  We've been fairly busy so I have a lot to share in the next couple blog posts!  The most exciting news is that we bought a new car!!  On a Wednesday evening a couple weeks ago, Aaron took me to Don Don Hattan Hattan to test drive a 2011 Chevy Cruze and a Malibu.  (No, that is not a spelling mistake...that's the business name!)  We both knew that the Chevy Cruze was the car for us!  It's sporty, all black, has leather seats, a sun-roof, seat warmers, and has good trunk space.  It's a compact car, which we really like!  One of the main reasons for buying the car is so that when we drive East to VA we don't always have the take Big Red (the truck).  The Cruze will get about 38 MPG when we drive on the interstate, compared to around 20.  AWESOME!!  Okay, so then we said good-bye to the Taurus and drove off the lot with a new car!  So fun!  By the way...that Taurus took my brother Phil to the West Coast and back.  It's had a good, long journey.  We celebrated the new purchase with a yummy dinner date at Cracker Barrel.

 Hi Aaron! :)

In other news, we sang at another wedding recently!  Just to prove that Aaron wears a tie and cleans up good, here's a picture of us at the church before the wedding began.  Our friends, Scotty and Chelsea got married in Newton, KS on September 6, 2014.  The most fun part was that they asked us to sing a song for the wedding processional!  
"Forever and ever, amen" by Randy Travis

Chelsea looked beautiful!

Chelsea had beautiful sunflower decorations!

And sadly enough, this is the only picture I took at the reception.  
Blurry, but still sweet :)  

Did you know football season started??  In my household, Thursday night, Sunday (all-day), and Monday evenings are sacred.  No plans.  Just football.  GO CHEIFS!  Below is a picture of our good friend's "man cave".  Yes, that's a full size projector!  We go all out for our Chiefs!

We had two days of cool fall weather so far in September.  It was a tease.  Now it's back to 80 degree weather.  I am sure ready for fall to arrive!  Kansas summer's are HOT!
Love to all!

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