Friday, October 3, 2014

Dr. Nate and the Chiefs!

Hi all!! 
It's October and it's finally feeling like fall out here!  Until now, school recess was still fairly warm!  So a couple weeks ago Aaron's sister's family came to visit!  I would do a blog about them visiting, however, Danielle did such a wonderful job documenting that I am going to take the liberty to post the link to her blog below.  I hope our VA family and friends enjoying seeing some Kansas State fair pictures!   You can see me featured in a pickle and Makenah eating her first cotton candy!  We love the Stucky family!  

In other exciting news, my brother and sister in law are in Kansas this week!!  My sister in law, Maggie, is from Wichita, KS and her sister is getting married this weekend (Oct. 4).  Nate and Maggie are in their first year of residency, and you can only imagine how far ahead they had to plan just to get a week off for travel and wedding dates!  Anyways, I think they were both thankful for a break finally and some time to be with Maggie's family, and see Aaron and I!!!  

So the best part about this week is that Dr. Nate was my class speaker!!  Coincidentally the theme for my preschool class this week was Community Helpers.  Nate agreed to bring his doctor coats and special tools to show my kids (on the airplane flight).  THEY LOVED HIM!!!  I'll post a few pictures below.  I will say that at least 100 pictures were taken, but I can't post very many good ones because of the kids being in the pics.  If you want to see some more you can email me and I'll send some your way.  

To go along with the community helper theme, my wonderful Para helped the kids make handprint cars!  They are adorable!  They chose from a police car, bus, or ambulance.  While Dr. Nate was in my room he wanted to do a craft too so he chose the ambulance!  How fitting!  I wish Maggie could have joined him in my class but she was summoned to the wedding duties as the Bride's sister and Matron of honor.

Close up!  Teachers get to do art projects too :)  I chose the police car on the bottom right.  Compare the kid hands to the adult hand size.  Ha!  

I would love to have the Billings and the Yoder family closer so that more of my family members could be guest speakers or volunteers!  Thank Dr. Nate for making our week so much more special!  

Last but not least, meet "Chief!"  Can you guess who named our new class fish?  Hint:  The fish is red and I live with a KC football die-hard!  And while I'm at it...GO CHIEFS & ROYALS!!

You guessed it...!!!

Aaron went with his friend Reed Hammond to the most recent Monday night Chiefs game!!  Front row on the visitor side.  Aaron made the TV during the national anthem!  Check out those headdresses!!  Happy weekend!
Love, Maria   

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  1. This is awesome! So great you could have Dr. Nate as a class speaker! How perfect! Our phones went crazy after the opening of the game, everyone was texting, "is your brother at the game?!" He's quite the guy in that get-up!