Friday, August 28, 2015

Hot July..."before" classroom pics and cute kids

Hi everyone!  I thought I'd back track a bit and show you what my July was filled with!  I have obviously been busy with the first 11 days of school with my firsties, and have FINALLY found a free evening to blog a bit!  So here it goes...

I got the keys to my new room at Northridge and was able to go in and see what kind of furniture I was working with.  My room is VERY large and has good storage!  It even has an adult bathroom, that doubles as a closet for books, tissue boxes for the snotty winter months, and other random goodies.  I do feel fortunate for lots of space this year!  Last year I had 17 preschoolers at a time and we were crammed in a small, but very new classroom.  This year it is large, but obviously old and not so color-coordinated.

Yes...chalkboards...WHAT??!!  Is this 2005?
The only good side is that they are magnetic - so I have used lots of magnets to hold posters and word wall letters.

There are big windows that look out to Old 81 (for the hesston/newton folk) and that also have a great view of the daily trains that pass by.  They shake our Smartboard projector after lunch and the kids have to comment every day about it!  ha

Right now the kids are set up in large groups of 6 or 4.  It's working okay.  I had thought about making a U formation.

July was also spent hurrying to stain the fence in our backyard!  It looks great!  But unfortunately it got WAY too hot AND school started up and I didn't finished it all.  I am waiting for the cooler days to arrive to head out and finish the job.  You can see the darker finish in the 3 panels and in the background you can see the un-stained fence.  I have since finished A LOT of the fence, but just have the back privacy fence and the left side to finish.

 Yes...I stained in this heat and was CRAZY!

I also got to travel for a quick trip to Garden City by myself to pick up Casey Boy and see the Billings/Stuckys!

Look at these two cute kids having fun at the park!  Makenah started Kindergarten this year and I am so excited to see her and talk about her experiences in her new classroom and the friends she has made!!  Logan is starting 3 year old preschool - what??  Where has the time gone?  When Aaron and I were first dating I remember meeting BABY LOGAN for the first time!!  I remember that day like it was yesterday!

The big bubbles were a hit!  Baby Madelyn was with us as well, but she was sleeping very sweetly.  It won't be long till she will be joining the big kid fun!

My mother-in-law, Jeanne, helped to organize this fun event in the park put on by the Russell Child Development Center!  She had to brave the heat all afternoon!  They handed out free books left and right and even cookies for everyone!  So fun!

Next up, August pictures!
Love, Maria

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