Sunday, March 22, 2015

Fishing with the new BOAT!

Okay, to continue our Spring Break we came back home to Hesston for the tail end of break.  With such amazing Spring weather we just HAD to take the boat out Friday AND Saturday!  I think we should start sleeping in the truck/camping so that Aaron can get his fill in for the weekend...ha!

My handsome husband is the captain of the boat!  He knows how to load and unload the boat easily and made my first ride out on the boat very fun!  We packed a little cooler of pop and snacks for both afternoons.  

Oh the life of a fisherman... 
This was my view of the boat!

I'm fishing!!  And snacking on a lollipop :)  I will probably do some sun-bathing this summer! 

So far I'm the only one to bring in anything on the line!  I snagged a tiger muscle.....NOT COOL.

I think it was empty.  It sounded hollow.  We do have a fish finder on the boat so we can see if there are fish below us, and it marks the depth.  There are lots of fish, but the water is a bit cold yet for many bites.

Loading the boat!!  The lake is beautiful!

So the lake is located at the Maxwell wildlife reserve about 30 minutes North of Hesston.  I had no clue this place existed!!  To get to the lake you get to drive through pastures of buffalo and elk!!  How cool is that??  We were lucky that they were just crossing the road as we drove by!

So thus ends our Spring break.  I'm positive that we will be taking the boat out every weekend!  The boat only holds a couple people, but come visit so you can see the buffalo!  Okay, now to get ready for the week.  We aren't looking forward to waking up early tomorrow.  
Love, Maria

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