Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Wonderful Spring Break

To begin our much need break from work and school, we got to celebrate our sweet nephew, Logan, at his 3rd birthday party!  The theme was dinosaurs!  He was such a sweet boy the whole time and smiled and laughed a lot!

After opening presents we played outside!  It was a beautiful weekend in Garden City!   Makenah was loving kicking around the soccer ball.

Uncle Bear (Aaron) and Logie!!

Logan's party was Sunday evening, so Monday morning we set off West towards Colorado Springs!  The drive is about 5 hours through flat farm lands and small, small run-down towns.  Then amazingly, right before you're eyes, MOUNTAINS APPEAR!! have to drive an hour or so before you get very close to them.  The mountain range is beautiful!

Of course we had to start the trip off by stopping at the Garden of the Gods.  We love this place!  Lots of places to hike and take pictures of the beautiful scenery.  On this occasion we saw some rock climbers braving a very steep incline and then gracefully descending down the side.  We took our nice Canon camera and will be framing some of the beautiful shots in our dining room!  Come visit us so you can see them :)

 We did some mini golf that evening, which was conveniently located near our hotel.  This picture is mainly shadow, but I had to capture the cool old western town.  Aaron is actually holding his golf club, but you can't see it.

The next few days we were in CO it was cloudy and cooler weather.  So we enjoyed some shopping!  We stopped for lunch at a great Mediterranean place called Garbanzo.  Salad, pita, and falafel. Yum!

We also enjoyed a great evening hanging out with Aaron's sister, Jenna, and her friend!  Jenna took us out to eat at a great restaurant called Zios.  We always enjoy spending time with her!  Thanks for hosting us a bit in your hometown Jen!  On Thursday morning we headed back to Garden City, KS to pick up Casey Boy.  He was sure happy to see us!  I'm going to finish our Spring Break adventures here, and begin a new blog post all about the BOAT!!   Needless to say, we are fishing people!  

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