Thursday, December 4, 2014

Give Thanks.

Our niece, Makenah, made this beautiful sign for some festive decorations at Thanksgiving!  We enjoyed being with the Billings family this year in Garden City.  We missed our East Coast family dearly but will see them in a few short weeks!  We were able to relax, get in a quick Black Friday shopping trip, eat GREAT food, and play some fun games with the family!

The table was set and ready for a feast!

Here is sweet Makenah.  She made place cards for everyone at the table.  This is so something I would've done at 4 years old as well!  Right, mom?!

We had scrumptious sides and delicious turkey!  Thanks Danielle for hosting!

Yum!  Pumpkin pie for dessert....with whipped cream!

That lucky boy got to lick the top off!  It was so much fun talking and playing with Logan this trip!  He is so smart and talks so much.

We took Casey along on our trip and he had a blast as usual :)  Here he is watching shadows...

Darts!!  It was in the 70s one of the afternoons and we got to be outside quite a bit!   (Jenna threw some great throws!)  Aaron was ALWAYS the winner.  I need a little practice to catch up.  hehe

Okay.  Stop it!  Look at this charmer!  On Saturday morning, the Billings and the Stuckys met at IHOP for brunch.  I got to sit across from this cutie. :)

This is the only picture of Aaron and I that I took on my phone over the weekend.  Not in focus!  Oh well.  He has been growing that beard for a couple months now.....but just guess what he did tonight!!  You guessed right! .....shaved off everything but a mustache!!!  I was a little shocked to actually be able to see his face!  He's handsome either way tho :)

And I have to brag a bit.  Does your husband make you authentic Gyros on a week night???!!!!!  Because mine does!!  These were so good.  I'm telling you....Aaron needs to open a restaurant!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone we love and miss you!!  

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