Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Visiting DC over Winter Break!

 Hello all!  It has been awhile since I've written and in the last couple weeks we have covered a lot of ground traveling across the US!  On December 19th we were able to fly to Virginia and visit our Yoder family for Christmas!  We started our vacation in Washington, DC.  The highlights were the Capitol, Library of Congress, Natural History Museum, and the Lincoln Memorial.  We were going to visit the National Christmas tree outside of the White House, but it was very busy so we drove quickly past!  Thanks to my dad, Elwood, for being our tour guide!  Three years ago, Aaron and I visited Washington, DC while we were dating and we wanted to return and see a few more places! 

The Capitol building has a ton of scaffolding covering the top so this picture isn't very impressive.  Notice the police car posted outside the building.

Visiting the Natural History Museum was a big highlight!  There are so many awesome animals and exhibits to walk through!  Each time I visit it I find new and different things to look at!  Phil is looking like he is enjoying himself :)

Holding a cockroach in the bug exhibit!

Grizzly Bears are BIG and SCARY!

One of my favorite exhibits was loaded with amazing photographs that all looked 3D because they were so clear!  We actually ended up getting Phil a 2015 calendar filled with some of the best photos of all! 

I would love to have these hang in our house!  So vibrant and beautiful!

We were so excited to see our family!

The Lincoln Memorial!  He is always so impressive to look at!  So much history has happened here!

We all enjoyed a lunch break in Union Station at the food court.

We also visited the Library of Congress!  Below is the large Christmas tree in the middle of the building.

One of the main reasons my dad was excited to visit was to see the Magna Carta exhibit.  This is an 800 year old document!

 The ceiling architecture was beautiful!

After a fun day of walking around the city we were happy to get home!
We will be back to visit again DC.
Stay tuned for pictures from our Christmas in VA!

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