Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Halloween, Soup, and an East Coast visitor!

Hey ya'll!  I always seem to have a bunch of pictures to post on the blog.  Maybe I don't blog often enough?  I hate to leave some of them out of the blog, so here goes another random phone picture blog. Enjoy!

My school plans a "Favorite Book Character" Day each year on Halloween.  (some families don't celebrate Halloween and it's our way to still have a fun dress up day!)  Each team of teachers and paras dress alike, and we chose Wizard of Oz!  Other themes included "Pete the Cat Loves His School Shoes", "Crayons", and "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish"  Dr Seuss.  I think ours was the cutest!  The other teachers not pictured from our team were dressed as Dorothy's dog, Toto, and the farmer from the beginning of the story.  Oh, and I MADE MY SKIRT!  Gathers and all!  I did have to Skype my mom once for directions, but overall I did a pretty good job!

Can you guess how many kids are under the parachute?   (17!!)  And they did this without any teacher under there helping them!  They all have to sit on the edge and close all the openings!  So cute!  This is our P.E. area with the cute doors in the background.

Casey is the cutest dog ever!  He was playing outside with a stick and rolled over on his back!  He has such a strong personality!  Love him :)

Fall leaves!

We were sad to see the Royals lose the World Series :( but very happy that Aaron could go to game 6 and 7.

And last but not least, our East Coast visitor was my mom!!!!!
I picked mom up from the airport on Friday Nov 7 and Aaron had supper ready for us when we got home!  He made Roasted Butternut Squash soup!  I am a lucky girl to have such an amazing cook in the house!  So yummy!

Oh and he made FRENCH ONION SOUP!!!!  SOOO DELICIOUS!  I can't say enough good things about Aaron!  He has so many talents.  Also, more details coming soon about his schooling beginning in January!!!  

Over the weekend with my mom we took her to Hobby Lobby to do some shopping.  The store is comparable to Michael's but way cheaper and many more decorating and sewing supplies.  Overall, the most fun store EVER!  I wanted to do a craft project for the front door and this is how it ended up!  Blue and white for winter colors.

 Mom helped us prep our garden for winter, and so did Casey :)  We planted some pansies in pots for the front porch and pulled a bunch of plants in the back.

Casey loved mom!

Mom got to visit my school!  I just have to post all of these cute pictures with my kids!  She is the best and has such a way with children!  She started reading a book and everyone wanted to smash together to hear it! ha!

We made sensory bottles for the science center while she was here.  The kids have been loving playing with these during center time and looking through them out the window!  We filled them with treasures and definitely glued the lids on tight!

This was mom's spot for some of the weekend.  We had her sewing patches on jeans, halloween costumes, and fixing curtains!  

Aaron and I love you so much, Mom!  Thanks for flying by yourself and being so brave!  Also, thanks to my Dad for setting up this visit so that she could visit!  Wish you could have joined us!  Now you can say you flew all by yourself! :)  Oh, while at school, the teacher who teaches next door said we could be sisters.  My mom looks so young and is so thin!  I've gotta keep up with her!

It's so cold out here.  It's windy and cold and I hear it's supposed to snow this week.  
Oh my.
Love, Maria


  1. I'm not surprised that your kids and Casey loved your mom....who doesn't?? Looks like you had a great time with her. Glad she could come out to visit.

  2. It looks like you have a great group of kids and I'm sure they love you! It's so good to know you're only a short flight away! Love you!

  3. Thanks Kathy and Aunt Jewel! We had a great time!