Monday, July 7, 2014

July 4th!

Hi everyone!  Is it already July??  My summer is going too quickly!  I have about 1 more month to relax until little kids are entering my classroom again!  Yikes!  So this past week Aaron and I were busy preparing for some great Virginia friends to come visit for the weekend!  Michele, Jim, and Katherine Mumaw came out West to visit!  Whoo hoo!  Jim and Katherine (father and daughter) were showing two of their lambs at a National show in Hutchinson, KS, which is about 40 minutes away from Hesston.  That being said, they decided to bunk at our house for the weekend!  A little bit of background for you...I taught with Michelle (white shirt) at Waterman Elementary in VA for two years.  She was my teaching mentor and we have kept in touch since moving.  She wouldn't have had to make the long drive, but she came anyways to see us!  

In our spare time we went on a walk, watched fireworks, fed turtles and fish at the Hesston Arboretum, shopped in Newton, and ate some yummy grilled food!

Aaron enjoyed buying a ton of fireworks and setting them off for us!

The big huge box was our finale...we have some crazy stories to share about our firework experience :)  Ask us sometime!  Needless to say, Kansas knows how to do fireworks the right way!  You could look around for 360 degrees and see fireworks being set off in every direction!

So Saturday we went to Hutchinson with the Mumaws to watch the lamb show!  This was such a fun experience.  This was a national show so these were the best of the best.  This was a junior show which means only 21 years and younger can show.

Katherine is in the green shirt!  She did an awesome job!!!

Last but not least....we had a TON of jalapenos on our two plants and Aaron decided to make candied jalapenos.  So I assisted the chef and we ended up with 1 awesome jar of sweet, but spicy jalapenos to top burgers, etc.  I need to invest in a larger canning pot because the sauce pans we have aren't big enough.  

In the next week we will be working on putting up our NEW FENCE in the backyard!!!  Aaron has built ALL 26 1/2 panels, and 2 gates.  Wow...he worked sooo hard and I was his apprentice some of the time.  ;)  Pictures to come of the fence and Casey Boy's summer hair cut!  He looks so skinny!  

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