Saturday, July 19, 2014

Backyard fence is complete!

Hello from Kansas!!  Aaron and I are enjoying our summer and hoping the next couple of weeks don't fly by too fast!  So I wanted to announce that we are DONE with our fence!!  It feels so good to not have the project hanging over our heads.   Plus, it was a HUGE job!  I have to boast about Aaron - he is determined, and incredibly skilled!  We had so much prep work to complete before even starting with the actual fence.  We cleared tons of brush in the back left corner of our yard, and trimmed many trees and bushes so that the fence would have a spot.  We took many trips to the Hesston burn pile!  Meanwhile, Aaron spent countless hours in the garage building the fence panels.  (26 1/2 fence panels, and 2 gates)  Oh, did I mention Aaron was building these panels in the HOT garage in the middle of summer?  Not much air flow in there, so he slaved away in the heat.  Not fun.  Obviously, I was the water girl.

The panels got stacked in the back until the holes were dug and set up.

The next job was to dig the holes with an auger.  Aaron's dad came over to help dig those, which was a huge help!  

Next, Aaron bought 28 bags of quick-rete to fill the holes and set the posts.  Oh, did I mention we bought so much wood for this project and it was all so heavy!

I had to document this hole because it was the most difficult.  Each hole was 8 feet apart, except this hole just happened to end up right by the neighbors fence post and a MASSIVE tree root!  So Aaron dug this hole by hand and we had to use the saw to cut the root out.  It was hard work to say the least.

Finally, we were ready to screw in the panels and level them up!  We were finally seeing progress!

I was Aaron's apprentice.  I helped him through the whole process and even used the drill a few times!  We got into a rhythm of putting these panels up. 

In the picture below you will see the back yard already had a privacy fence in the back, so Aaron just had to extend it a bit.  Our yard feels so much bigger now!

It's so beautiful!  The picture below is the view from the road.  The neighbors often  mentioned how nice the fence looks!

Oh, did I mention why we even decided to build the fence?  Well, you can see the reason below.   Casey is so happy and can finally run in our backyard without being on the leash!  Whoo hoo!

Here's Casey before his grooming a couple of weeks ago.  He was a very hairy dog, and got hot way too quickly.

Doesn't he look so clean and handsome now?  He is so soft and lovable, just like always.  

Come and see our fence and visit us, ok?!

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  1. I'm totally impressed you guys! I knew you were working hard, but it was so fun to see all the pictures! Casey is one lucky boy to get a whole new fenced backyard. And, it's just so pretty looking too! Way to go! And, yes, can we come visit? :)