Friday, June 27, 2014

Garden City trip and more NYC pics!

Happy Friday everyone!!  Aaron and I are excited about having a weekend without travel!  We have a fence to build, and brush to clean up around the house. I have a flower bed to weed, and GREEN BEANS TOMATOES, CUCUMBERS, and YELLOW SQUASH to pick!  Can you tell I am excited?   Okay, so the weekend after we got home from the East Coast we headed West to Garden City, KS for some fun events!  First up, Aaron and I sang at a Stucky family wedding reception!  The Stucky family has adopted the Billings as part of their own and we feel honored!  Brad and Raquel Stucky got married in Maine and chose to have a reception in Kansas as well (Brad is our Brother-in-law's brother)  The most fun part was that Aaron and I got asked to sing a country song at their reception!  We sang Cowboy Take Me Away by the Dixie Chicks. 

Makenah was the flower girl!  She has grown up so much since she was our flower girl a year and a half ago!

One of our favorite parts of the weekend was when Makenah made up songs and played Uncle Bear's guitar!  By the way, Aaron traded in a few manly possessions for a Martin guitar!  He is very happy with his trade!

On Monday, Aaron had a Radon Mitigation to complete close by and so I got to spend the morning with my sister-in-laws and the two cutest kids!

After returning home, I recently went shopping with Rachel.  Rachel is one of my good friends living in Hesston!  We work together at Cooper and I totally love hanging out with her little family of 3!  So enough said, she took me to a store called Gordman's.  Why haven't I heard of this store before??  It reminds me a lot of TJMaxx.  After cruising around the store I found the perfect bench for our Gray and Yellow themed guest room!  I have been looking for a bench or chair for awhile and finally found it!!  Whoo hoo!  Thanks for taking me Rachel!

In other news, Aaron and I made Bierocks this week!  So yummy!  The dough was delicious and the filling was spot-on with beef and cabbage! (It's in the More With Less cookbook)

Lastly, I will leave you with some GREAT family pictures that I received from my dad this week!  Thanks so much dad!  He has a good camera and we asked total strangers, and waiters to take pictures of our group!  We missed traveling with Phil though. Hopefully next time he'll be able to make it!   

Can you spot Lady Liberty on the left?  Ellis Island is in the middle-right of the picture.  

We stopped at a restaurant in Times Square to eat!

Brooklyn Bridge at night!

I hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!  Love you all!

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  1. I love all this! Love it all! We get so excited when you two come to GC! Your singing was beautiful and spending all that time together is so much fun! The kids LOVE you and so do we!!! Great pictures of NYC!