Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Garden Time!

Hi!  Wow, we are just loving the warmer weather these days!  Aaron and I have been working hard since Easter to keep our garden watered because there hasn't been a whole lot of rain.  Just this week we did get a HUGE thunderstorm, which helped everything grow like crazy!  


Tomato plants :)  These will take awhile to enjoy, but I can't wait to eat fresh tomatoes from the garden!

Next up... two banana pepper plants, 2 nice rows of radishes, and 2 rows of basil that just started to sprout this week! 

Here is our yummy spinach and lettuce!  We have enjoyed a few fresh garden salads already!  

Our pride and joy....Sugar Snap Peas!!!  Ahh I can't wait to eat these straight out of the garden!  The rain made these babies shoot straight up and I am in need of a strong support system.  Aaron helped to shimmy up these nice boards and some fishing wire across, but they just got so huge!

This past weekend we took a trip to Garden City.  We did many fun things including shopping, playing games, dancing and swimming with our niece and nephew, enjoying yummy meals together, and celebrating Mother's Day!

Sweet, sweet Makenah was searching for toys for her little brother.  She found this huge princess hat instead! :)

Playing with the Stucky kids is always a highlight!

Bryan made some yummy cappuccinos that look professionally made!  Thanks for treating us Bry!

Oh, and when we decided to pack up and leave Casey wanted to just lay in the front yard and not get in the truck.  He loves taking trips to Garden City!  But I just had to take a picture of what Aaron has to do to get Casey in the truck...ha!  He can't get up by himself.

Like I said earlier, there was a HUGE thunderstorm system that went through this past weekend and we drove straight into as we were driving home.  It is so erie to see bright blue skies to the right and MASSIVE thunder head clouds to the left, along with completly black skies ahead.  Yikes.  Thank goodness the storm was moving fast enough (40mph) that we never had to drive through the hail.  I am getting used to these Kansas thunderstorms, but they just seem to come up out of no where!  There aren't any mountains to slow them down.

Okay, so on another note....I have 7 more days with my class!  Ahh!  It is crazy how fast this year has gone.  I am sending 20 out of 30 of my kids to Kindergarten!  We asked them this week what they wanted to be with they grow up and we got some pretty crazy answers.  (cowgirl, chef, spiderman, doctor!, mom, spy)  Ha!

Love you all!


  1. I love this! What an impressive crop so far! Cute pictures of Makenah! The kids LOVE you and Aaron! I told Bryan his fancy drink made the blog! :)

  2. Thank you! You'll have to tell him that we will be coming by to order more this summer! ;)