Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Hi all!  We had a wonderful Easter this year!  My parents and little brother got to visit for the weekend!  I have a lot of pictures to share, so I tried to put them in order!  On Good Friday, Aaron and I drove to the Wichita Airport and picked up the crew.  We had to make a pit stop at Braum's for an ice-cream snack!  Friday was a beautiful day so we decided to grill out!  I have the best grill-master around!!!  He made delicious teriyaki chicken and asparagus.   

Friday evening we got out the song books and did some guitar pickin' :)  The mandolin and electric bass made an appearance as well!

My family loved meeting Casey Boy!  He also loved all of the attention and extra walks (2 a day)!  We walked around the Hesston Arboretum a few times over the weekend.

My little brother has a hobby of climbing trees, so of course, if we couldn't see Phil anywhere we could just look up!

Saturday we woke up, had breakfast, and jumped in the truck to tour Hesston and Newton.  We bought Marigolds at the Nursery, visited my Preschool, stopped at Walmart for curtain fabric, checked out the Hesston and Newton library (Hesston was the favorite by far!), had Wendy's for lunch by the river, and toured some of the Billings' properties. Vesper was a hit!  Good job Billings men!

I had to add a picture of our Sugar Snap Peas!  Ahh!!!  I am so excited to eat these!

Phil found the painting supplies in the office, so Aaron joined him and we now have 3 new paintings in our home!

I put mom to work on hemming our guest room curtains and making new curtains for our newest guest room.  I had the tiniest tape measure and sewing machine (that was missing pieces) and so we had to borrow a machine from a friend in town.  Thanks Rachel! :)

My classroom door!  

Tiny furniture! ha!  Do you see the hand-print bumble bees in the background??  They are so cute!

Easter Sunday we attended Whitestone Mennonite Church.  We enjoyed seeing the church's newly renovated sanctuary and letting dad play the "Mennonite Game".  

Oh, we did a lot of baking and cooking!  Mom made us two loaves of bread, cookies, cake, and she helped me make Easter dinner!

I had to add a picture of the front of the house with the pot of Marigolds and the pretty bush that is blooming!!  We love Spring!

On Monday morning my Mom came to help me out at school!  The kids just loved mom and had her read books during center time, and she was so kind to hold their hands and love on them a little!  They asked about her on Tuesday.  "Where is your mom today?  Why didn't she come back?"  Melted my heart!  My  dad and Phil studied at the Hesston library Monday morning, on their own will.  Phil had exams this week and so we thank him for traveling even though he was busy with the books!  Dad always has history projects, books, or school work to work on.  I think libraries are his favorite place to be :)

Needless to say, we LOVED having the Yoders here and wish we could have visitors more often!  Happy Easter everyone!

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