Monday, April 7, 2014

Guest Room Remodeling

Hi everyone!  We have been really busy getting our guest rooms ready for the Yoder family to come visit us!  Upon the purchase of a new bed spread, we decided to paint!  I'll first start by showing you the old pictures of each room.  Here's the old guest room.    

Casey's room (the blue room) once stood empty and lacking attention, and has quickly become a cute little room!  Casey's room was very blue and the picture on the left didn't do the color justice, so I put the picture on the right up so you can see more of the blue color. ha!  We desperately needed to spruce this room up!

We decided to paint both rooms light gray, named "nimbus cloud".  I love how it turned out!!!  Aaron picked out the beautiful art piece above the bed.  It fits so perfect!!  The sunflowers add the perfect color of yellow!

Next up is Casey's room remodeled!  I seriously can't decide which room is my favorite!  

Here's a close up on the art in Casey's room!  DIY maps of each of our home towns - Hesston & Harrisonburg.  We love these maps!  

A special thanks to the Billings parents for some great looking furniture that we found in the B & B garage :)  We were looking for ways to cut the budget a bit and this totally helped!  Also, new curtains for each room are coming soon!  My mom will hopefully whip something up when she visits at Easter.  Stay tuned for pictures of the new (stunning) backsplash in the kitchen!! 
-The Happy Home Owners :)

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