Tuesday, May 27, 2014

End of the 2013-2014 School Year!

Hi all!  I am happily enjoying my summer vacation already!  Newton's last day of school was Thursday, May 22.  

I am so thankful for my classroom para, Vi!  This was her first year working in a school classroom so she had a lot to learn, but she learned quickly and we had a GREAT year!!  Hopefully I get to keep her in my room next year.

Whoa, furniture stacked for the summer and I am happy to have the kids out the door!  I wish I could post their cute preschool graduation pictures.  Goodness they are cute and grew so much this year!  

I received these sweet roses from one of my dearest students on the last day of school!  The student's mother came in to pick her up early and brought these with her.  I was very surprised and the mother was very appreciative of my work.  Teaching is very rewarding!

Okay, so now that school is over I always have plenty of time to bake and cook yummy recipes.  I tried snow-covered chocolate cookies.  Yum-O!  

My second hobby over the summer is gardening.  You might be getting tired of seeing all of my plants and flowers.  Ha!  (Can you see that banana pepper!?)  Oh and we mulched everything around the house!  It looks and smells awesome outside!

Okay, on to my next topic.  Over Mother's day weekend my brother and sister-in-law graduated from Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine.  Woo hoo!!  Aaron and I didn't get to attend but I just HAD to post my dad's pictures.  (photo credit:  Elwood Yoder)  Dad, I got these off your Picasa account!

On June 10th, Aaron and I will fly from Kansas City, MO to Washington, DC and meet our Yoder family.  First, we plan to spend some time in Harrisonburg seeing friends and family.  Then, over the weekend we will take a trip to see Nate and Maggie's new home in Bethlehem, PA!  I am very excited to see where they are living and hopefully we'll get to see the hospitals they will work at!  Bethlehem, PA is about 1 1/2 hours from New York City, so my dad has planned a trip for our family complete with a Broadway Musical (Mamma Mia), ferry boat ride to the Statue of Liberty, and a 1 night stay in a hotel (with a communal bathroom).  (We aren't too sure about this....but I guess it is the only thing available in the midst of summer travel season.  We can do anything for 1 night, right?!)  

We hope this blog finds you well!  Love you all!


  1. Congratulations on completing another year, Maria! I'm sure you are a fabulous teacher. Looking forward to seeing you when you're in town next month. :-)

  2. Thanks Kathy! Also, great article in the Windows! I know my mom felt very honored!

  3. I read this post shortly after you wrote it, but had to come back and comment! I love everything about it! The school update, the home stuff, your brother and sister in law! Congrats to those two from the Stuckys!! We're counting the days until you come to see us! Have a fun trip before then! Love you!