Saturday, March 1, 2014

More Remodeling!

I have to boast about Aaron's handy-work.  He is amazing!!!  In one evening he took off the old blue countertops, tore out the old backsplash, leveled the new (tan) countertops, and installed the new sink and faucet.  And this was all completed after working a very long day and driving many miles.  He is so determined!  Also, the very next morning the plumbing was completed and the new garbage disposal installed!  Ahhh...our kitchen looks great!

Newly installed and looking fabulous!  (New STONE backsplash to come!!)

The sink is beautiful!  It's quite a bit bigger than the old one.  

Here is a picture of the old stove, and countertops so that you can compare.  I think our red kitchen theme looks much better.

Here's something fun for you to look at!  A couple weekends ago we made pretzels for the first time together!  They were so fun to make, and very easy.  (I guess this was before the renovation)

And lastly, here is Casey enjoying some shadows.  He is a shadow chaser fanatic. ha!

As I mentioned before, the new stone backsplash is coming soon!  Currently there is some not-so -lovely wallpaper and paint.  I'm sure the stone will change the look of the kitchen even more!  Overall we are very pleased!  
Love, Maria

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  1. Love the countertops! They look fantastic with your appliances and the cabinets! I can't wait to see the backsplash! Guess we'll just have to come stay again!!