Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fun with Family!

Well, hello everyone!  What a crazy week that just got over.  I felt like my kids were crazier than normal and I came home EXHAUSTED every evening.  On Thursday, one of my behavior kids was absent....and I was praising the Lord!  I know it's terrible, but I need a break from the crazy kids sometimes.  

Last week, Aaron made our 3rd Valentines Day together so special!!  I am so lucky to be married to Aaron.  He is SO talented, and on top of that....he can COOK!!  After work I had a full meal waiting for me, plus flowers :)  So yummy and special!  I also made sure to spoil him with a gift as well!    

So V-day weekend we decided to make a quick trip to see the Billings in Garden City, KS.  Below you'll see Aaron's true love for trains :)  He took over Logan and Makenah's train table and fixed up the tracks a bit.   We ended up having a beautiful day on Saturday for some activity outside as well! 

Our brother-in-law, Bryan, loves taking people out to ride with him.  There is a dry river bed that is perfect to ride in for miles.  There's a ton of sand and you can see here the boys are doing some tricks on the hills!

Bry and Danielle, thanks for a fun time!!

I had to snap a picture of Aaron playing with Logan before bed!  So cute!

The next picture is for all of my East Coast family and friends.  Did you ever wonder what the road from Hesston to Garden City looked like?  Welp, here it is!  Flat, and more flat!

I received some AWESOME news last week from my parents!! THEY ARE COMING TO VISIT US!!!  We can't wait to show them our new house, have mom help with planting some flower beds, show them around town, and have a fun Easter weekend together!  Hopefully, my brother and sister-in-law will be able to join!  I am crossing my fingers that they will have a free weekend to fly too!  We miss the Yoders!  Love you all!


  1. Always great to get an update on how things are going for you guys out there! How nice that your folks can come out for an Easter visit!

    1. Kathy, Thanks for keeping up with our blog! It makes me feel a little more connected to home.