Tuesday, February 4, 2014


 Okay, okay.  I couldn't choose which Casey picture to post, so I posted them all!  hehe :)  
He is very loved.  I took him out for at least 10 minutes this morning and he was just loving all of the snow we are getting today!  He would run around (more like away from me!) and then throw his nose in the snow!  So cute!  He acts like such a little boy sometimes.

In other news, our kitchen is getting a face-lift today!  I am so excited!  When we moved into our house about 3 months ago, we decided to use the appliances that came with the house.  They all work good, but didn't match.  And if you know Aaron, well things look much better when they match!  I also agree :)  So our current microwave is a Frigidaire Gallery model and we really liked the stoves, and such that matched!  Aaron has been searching for the best time to buy all (3) off the appliances  and we finally went last night after I got off work!  So, the next blog will consist of AWESOME kitchen pictures!  Hopefully this cute dog can hold you over until then!  

Love to all!!

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