Sunday, January 19, 2014

January things...

Hello!  Happy (late) New Year to all our friends and family!  I haven't written a blog since Christmas, my apologies!  Our Christmas tree is finally coming down and I am feeling ready for some nice spring weather, even though I know Spring is a couple months away! ha  Aaron said I need to get used to the wind out just makes the weather feel SOO much colder!  I have enjoyed the sporadic nice days we've had in the last couple of weeks!  Casey sure enjoys the walks as well.  

Well, life for us has been pretty normal in the new year.  Aaron is keeping busy with plenty of mitigations and home inspections.  We enjoyed eating dinner with his dad last week when he was in Hesston!  My kids are doing well, and seemed to have grown after not seeing them for two weeks!  Recently, I've been getting lots of "I love you, Ms. Maria!"      Last week we learned the letter "W" and made the letter with worms!  Yum!

Also, last Friday at school we had a Professional Development day and after sitting in meetings all day I wanted to clean up my room a bit and organize.  So I decided to clean off the computer table, which hasn't been used all year because we don't have the towers to turn them on (and I have lost hope in the district to give them back any time soon).  The light table will now get used!!  I put out some shell x-rays and I am very excited for the kids to use them and discover new things!  So fun!  (The snowmen are made with puffy paint:  shaving cream and glue)  

At the beginning of January, Denay and John Murray celebrated their marriage at Hesston Mennonite Church!  They got married Dec. 28th (one day before our anniversary) in Arizona, and had a reception in Hesston were John's father is the pastor.  Denay is a friend from College and we lived together one summer.  We just loved seeing them!

This past weekend we went to a Wichita Thunder hockey game!  I really enjoy watching this sport because it's so fast-paced!  Also, Aaron caught a free shirt!

And here's Casey :)

Love you all!

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