Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pictures of our New Home!

 Let's talk about our new home!  We are completely loving everything about our house.  About a week ago we moved in and got started right away with some small home improvement jobs.  The bigger jobs were updating light fixtures, installing new ceiling fans, cleaning the gutters, and installing a washer/dryer.  Aaron of course did a spectacular job...seems like it runs in the Billings genes!  

Our new address is 224 S. Weaver Hesston, KS 67062.  
My awesome mother already sent us a house warming gift!

The garage was on the agenda for today, and it turned out great!!  I can just picture the two men in the house spending some time out here.

This is the back door, with the coat rack that my handy man hung for me!   Oh and the awesome Jean Rug that came from VA!

Back patio door on the right, and a basement door on the left.  We were already able to enjoy using the grill in the awesome Fall weather!

Here's our kitchen!  It has already been put to good use.  Our first big remodeling project will be to put in new counter-tops, which are already made and waiting to be completed!  We thought the blue counter-tops looked a little dated and we wanted to try something new.

The laundry is kept behind the fold-able doors in the ktichen, which has become very handy.

I had to take a picture of this wedding gift :)

The office has an awesome book shelf, however currently it needs some decorating help.

On the main floor is the kitchen, dining room, living room, office, and a bathroom.  The bathroom you see here is connected to the office and was nicely remodeled by the previous owners.

Here's the view at the top of the stairs of the guest bedroom and the "blue room" (which has nothing in it yet).

Casey likes to lay right next to the window that's really low and bark at people.  It's cute.

This is the other view from the top of the stairs of the bathroom and master bedroom.

Upstairs bathroom

The master has a little room that we put our dresser in and then it's connected to the rest of the room.

I specifically took a picture of two of the fans Aaron installed.  Wow they look great!  (much better than the small, white fans that were there before)

I love our living area downstairs!!  It's so cozy.

Happy Weekend!  


  1. Love all these pictures! The house looks great guys!! We're going to plan our next trip to come and visit! (I can just picture Casey barking at that window!) Love you two!

  2. Maria and Aaron, Your house is beautiful! I'm sure you like having so much space! I like the work area/garage. I imagine you can do all kinds of projects there! I like how pretty the red accents are in the kitchen and the cute claw foot tub---I could go on and on:) Love you! Jewel

  3. Congratulations to you, Aaron and Maria! Your new home looks so inviting. We have a couple low windows for our Goldie to bark from as well. :-) Best wishes!