Friday, October 11, 2013

Babysitting Fun

Hello Everyone!  
Last weekend we had a great time hanging out with the Stucky family (Danielle, Bryan, Makenah & Logan)!!  We hosted their family for two nights, and had the privilege to babysit!  We had such a blast!  Aaron made an excellent lunch of PB&J with cheese sticks and grapes.  Yum!  

After lunch Logan went down for a nap and Makenah got our undivided attention.
This picture makes me smile so much!

Makenah and I got to take a short stroll around the block, water the plants in the front and back yard, and pick a bouquet of fall flowers!  Such a sweet, crafty girl.

School News!  It was fire safety week at school!  I sang a "Stop, Drop and Roll" song to the tune of Three Blind Mice, many times this week.  (I bet you're singing it in your head now...hehe)  We had the fire department do a little show for us and take a tour of the truck cab!  Many of the kids were terrified of the man breathing out of a scary tank.  Yikes!  Next week we're on to Fall apples and making applesauce!

Happy Weekend Ya'll!

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  1. Makenah and Logan are lucky to have such a great Aunt and Uncle!! What a sweet afternoon! Thank you for taking such wonderful care of them!!