Sunday, October 6, 2013

House news and the dog!

Hi folks!  We will officially be closing on our current duplex October 18th, and on our new house the same day!  We are both very excited to move and make it our own!  We are planning to start moving Monday the 14th, so that we can be completely out of the house by Friday.  I have a short Fall Break from work on October 17-18th, so it's perfect timing!

I thought you might enjoy seeing a few cute pictures of Casey!
Sometimes he humors us and runs up the ramp, but it's not really his favorite.

He is always in need of a good brushing...

..and he sure sheds a lot! 

I love hanging out with this guy on the weekends, especially with this beautiful Fall weather!

Such handsome men!  (Sporting the awesome CHEIFS!!)

Oh and sometimes there are other dogs at the park who like to pester Casey Boy.
He is very good at dealing with the young pups chasing him.

Here's to a busy next couple of weeks moving!  
I can't wait to post pictures when we are all moved in to the new house!!!!

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