Monday, July 1, 2013


The last week has been full of transitions for our family! After living in Virginia for six months after getting married, we decided to move to Hesston, KS. Our last week in Virginia was spent hanging out with our family and friends, and enjoying some of the local wonders!

The weekend before we moved, we decided to make a trip into the mountains with Maria's parents, Elwood and Joy Yoder, and another family from church who we are close with, the Codding's. The weather was great and the views were wonderful!

The few weekends leading up to our move date were full of singing in, and enjoying some of our good friends' weddings!

While I was finishing up my last week of work, Maria was able to travel to Pennsylvania with her mother, Joy, and another church friend.  They traveled to the Risser family farm where Marias brother, Phillip, is living and farming for the summer. He has a large garden and a harvest wagon along the road!

Finally, we started our long journey to Hesston, KS. The packing started mid-week, and continued on until Thursday. We had many great helpers, and did our best to pack all of our belongings away into a U-Haul.

After we arrived safely in Hesston, "someone" accidentally threw the key away to our lock. 

Elwood and Joy made the long haul with us to Hesston and continued on to Phoenix, AZ for the Mennonite Conference. We had such great helpers and support while moving, and are working to get settled into our new home!


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  1. Nice pictures, Aaron and Maria, you've got the place looking great!