Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Job!

While my parents were in Hesston helping us move, we took an evening to drive around the area.  We stopped outside the building of where I'll be working in Newton, Kansas!  

The building on the right is about 3 years old and was added on to what is known as Cooper Station (a daycare that has been around awhile).  I'll probably have babies crying down the hallway from me!  So this week I went in to meet a few of the staff at Cooper Early Ed. Center and got a tour of the school!  I took a few pics my classroom in all it's summer glory (meaning packed away and looking bare). ha

Tons of storage...already filled with art supplies to the max!  Yes!

Little tables, chairs, and shelves!  The door you see here joins my partner teachers' classroom with mine.  During "center time" we'll open our doors up and let both classes mingle and choose where and who they want to play with!  Cool idea!

A much needed sink area!  I found out that one of the requirements for Head-Start is that the children have to wash their hands before every meal (and no, Germ Gel just won't do) Whoo this could be interesting the first week!

Ahh!!  Little couches for little people!

I'll post pics later of my classroom after it's organized and kid friendly!


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