Monday, July 27, 2015

Red Wings Roots Music Festival July 2015

July is been filled with traveling, family, fresh veggies, catching up with friends, and lots of night softball games!  We love it!

On July 10, Aaron and I hit the road East for a week trip!  We did the drive to VA in 19 hours (I only drove about 3).  You do the math....Aaron his a talented driver!  We only stopped to fill the truck up and food!  Phew!

July 11 was the Red Wings Roots Music Festival at the Natural Chimneys state park in Virginia.  We had a great time listening to folk/bluegrass music!  There were 3 venues that were filled with musicians throughout the day.  The picture below is the main stage.  People just set up chairs and blankets and hung out all day!  The festival runs for 3 days and you can camp/tent, but we just went for Saturday.

These are the impressive Natural Chimneys!  You can do a short 10 minute hike and get to the top!  Very pretty.

We had a great time with my parents and brother Phil at the festival!  I had some wood-fired pizza and mom is eating a black bean burrito!  So many amazing choices!

Aaron had a "Greg Brady" burger from Jack Browns - one of our favorite restaurants in downtown Harrisonburg.  Loaded with BBQ chips and mac-n-cheese.

Food trucks is a big thing in Harrisonburg and it was awesome to see so many out here!

Below is one of the smaller music venues.  

 In the evening, The Steel Wheels performed!!  They are an Americana/Bluegrass band from The Valley that are amazing!!!  If I'm not mistaken, all of them are EMU grads.

I got to see my good friend, Denay!  You can see the lite-up Chimneys in the background.

My momma!

The Chimneys at night were beautiful!!!  
Day 1 of our trip was so fun!  I think Aaron and I crashed after driving cross country and a long, hot day of music outside!

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