Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Beginning of Summer 2015

Hi ya'll!  
Just wanted to post a bunch of different pictures taken in the last month or so.  Enjoy!

My Cooper Teaching team for '14-'15 school year.  
(left to right:  Sarah, Viridiana, Janet, Deb, me)
We had a fun day of pampering at the nail salon!

Aaron made the Hesston newspaper!

This is my new classroom at Northridge Elementary.  These are pictures of the classroom all packed up for the summer.  I'm sure I will take pictures in August after it is cleaned and situated!  I've got a Smartboard, bathroom, windows facing the front of the school, and lots of things to sort through before August 14!

Onto more precious news - Madelyn Kate Stucky is here and looking so beautiful!

Uncle Bear loves his nieces :)

June 18-19 was a trip to Kansas City with my Cooper Preschool teacher friends!  We hit up the Legends Outlets, Dave and Busters for dinner, Lakeshore teaching supplies, and IKEA!

Katie and I taught together '13-'14 school year and then I moved classrooms.  She is an excellent teacher!

Kiley and Patty are some other excellent teachers that I have had the privilege to call friends and colleagues!

IKEA sweedish meatball lunch!  Yum!  I will be bringing Aaron back to this monstrosity of a shopping center!  

After eating lunch in the IKEA dinning room we made our way through the "show room".  It was so fun seeing all of their products placed together.

There were some pretty sweet kitchens!

Date Night with my sweet husband!  I am so thankful him and appreciate everything he does for me!  We got new phones to make this date night even more spectacular!

Of course, I had to indulge in a little Pinterest crafting this summer!  My friend Rachel and I love doing this kind of stuff!  A little July 4th festivity!

Please pray that Casey Boy will not lose his mind during the fireworks the next couple of nights.  Hesston people really do the fireworks big!!!  It is July 1st and I already heard some going off at NOON.  Seriously people?!!

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