Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holidays are here!

 Last weekend Aaron and I loaded up the truck and headed East!  We planned to be with my Dad's extended family for the annual Thanksgiving gathering in Hartville, Ohio.  The trip to Ohio took a bit longer than we expected because of the CRAZY holiday traffic.  When we arrived we had a lovely dinner at my Grandma Yoder's house with my mom and dad, and brother and sister-in-law!  (Bravo to Nate and Maggie for finishing their crazy busy 2 weeks of Residency Interviews!!  You two are awesome!!)

We stayed in this beautiful refinished barn that my Great Uncle owns.  The day before we arrived, Hartville got snow and it was truly and winter wonderland!  The barn is gorgeous with a full size kitchen, large living area, 2 bedrooms, a large office area, and an unfinished basement.  My Great Uncle Leroy has plans to use the facility as a place for church communities to gather, etc.  My dad's dream would be to make it a Mennonite historical library/research center.   Oh, I forgot to mention that the Yoder Thanksgiving gathering was held in this barn.

While in Ohio we did lots of eating, shopping at Thrift shops, flea-markets, and mega hardware stores.  Wow we found some great deals!  (work gloves, dress pants, golf shirt, Carhartt brand Christmas gifts, and a Casey toy of course)  After a day full of shopping, Friday evening we got together with my extended Yoder family.  One of my cousins has 3 beautiful blonde haired children and Aaron did an awesome job playing games with them!  He's such a pro with the kids.

This was the morning before leaving Hartville to make the trek home.  
(mom, grandma, and my sister-in-law, maggie) We were so thankful for some home cooked meals, lots of hugs, laughs, and games playing with our family.

Oh and did I mention, I ATTENDED MY FIRST NFL FOOTBALL GAME!!  YES!!  I know my dad is proud of Aaron for getting me to love football and baseball! :)  The stadium was huge!!

He's just so happy when he's cheering on the Chiefs!!  Oh and it was pretty chilly the last half of the game, but we were thankful for overall nice weather!

Can you see the size of that speaker?  Whoa!

We had a wonderful break with family and can't wait until Christmas for more holiday fun!
Love, Maria

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