Monday, December 9, 2013


Hi all!!  Last week was so much fun!  We got our tree set up and decorated! Our tree fits perfectly in the dining room!  Our house feels so cozy and festive.

Check out Aaron's grade school creation :)  Jeanne sent this to us last year and it has made a second appearance in our home.

Can I just tell you how wonderful Aaron is?!  He got me a beautiful Christmas bouquet of flowers!  He surprises me all the time!

In other fun news, my older brother turned a year older!  Nate and Maggie are in Wichita for the month of December and we got to celebrate with them!  

 We received the sweetest package in the mail today from my mom!  She made us a stocking for Casey!!  :)

Two weeks until Christmas Break ya'll!!  So excited for some relaxation!

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