Friday, September 20, 2013

Quick Update

Hi all! 
It's in the 60's here and feeling like Fall weather! I'm looking forward to apples, pumpkins, and wearing sweatshirts!  Aaron and I are doing great these days! Despite busy schedules, we seem to always find time to spend together, watch sports with friends, and enjoy our weekends!  I haven't taken many good pictures lately, so I hope you can accept a plain blog post.

This weekend has already been fun, and it's only Friday night!  On Thursday evening I piled in the car with some colleagues from work for a conference in Kansas City, MO.  The conference was called Handwriting Without Tears. Literally the goal of the program is to help children love to write, draw, and practice good grip control...without any tears!  The presenter was very energetic and reminded me so much of Bryan Stucky's mom, Debbie. (Billings/Stucky fam, does she happen to have a sister?).  We walked away from the conference with 2 full bags of supplies that could be implemented into my Pre-K classroom on Monday morning! How exciting!  And wouldn't you know it, Aaron and I crossed paths on the road home tonight. He was headed to a Royals game with his buddies, while I was headed home from KC.

We also have some exciting news happening with our house! News to come very soon! :)

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