Monday, September 2, 2013

PreK Classroom

Hi all!  It's been awhile since I've written.  It seems like all at once things got busy around here.  This post is devoted to my classroom!  Below is the bulletin board for all of the new district teachers, and I have added a close up of my picture.  Feeling welcomed already.

Classroom tour begins here!
Games Center.

Blocks Center. I have strategically turned around many of my shelves so that the kids are not overwhelmed with so many new and fun things to use.

My SmartBoard!  I also traded my shapes carpet for a bigger train carpet with letters.

Cubbies for completed work/art projects.  They have lockers in the hallway for their backpacks.

Front of the door with my afternoon class names.

Inside of the door with my morning kids names.  These cupcakes were reused from my 2nd grade class.  Mom do you recognize them?  :)

And below is my favorite part of the room!  The library nook!  When we had Open House night for the families it seemed that the kids went straight there before going anywhere else in the room!

Math and Writing center supplies

Science Center complete with many cool bones, discovery bottles, and magnifying glasses.

Some bugs in the Science center.

Sensory table.  Next week it will be filled with yellow play dough.

The colorful curtains made by my mother!  Everyone gives compliments on them when they come in!

A bulletin board ready for student work!

And finally my storage area over flowing with paper and projects.  To the right, behind the filing cabinet, is my desk.

I hope you enjoyed the tour! It's my first time in PreK so I'm sure some things will change as I see the kids learning and playing together.  Happy Labor Day!


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