Thursday, April 7, 2016

Maternity Pictures to come!!

Hello from the windiest state around....Kansas!
The past few weeks have been crazy windy.  We have also had an awesome couple of weeks being at home and enjoying our time together!

Easter weekend we spent here in Hesston.  We went to church in the morning, and then came home to ham, potatoes, and green beans in the crock pot!  We both did school work all afternoon and tried to gear up for the next week/weekend when Aaron's family was planning on visiting!

Saturday, April 2nd, Aaron's family came to visit us!  His sister Jenna, from Colorado Springs, drove the 7 hours to stay with us two nights!  Aaron's oldest sister, Danielle, and her family came for one night and Aaron's parents spent the day partying with us!  I just love sharing our home.  

So we had a baby shower planned for Saturday the 2nd and we also planned to have our maternity pictures taken that evening.  I just HAD to post this one picture that I have been staring at and obsessing over for the last week!!!  (Yes, that sentence deserves 3 exclamation marks!)  Danielle and Bryan Stucky so kindly agreed to take our maternity pictures at the Hesston Arboretum.  We went around 5:00pm and caught some great moments while walking around and finding spring flowers.  I will devote another post to maternity pictures, but just thought I'd share this one since it's so amazing!

Photo credit:  Danielle & Bryan Stucky 

Love, Maria

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