Saturday, January 2, 2016

Celebrating Thanksgiving with the Billings!

Aaron and I always love our time spent with his family!!  Here are some ADORABLE pictures of our nieces and nephew and the fam!

Madelyn Kate - 5 months

Seems like every time we visit I get a picture of him reading to these two cuties!!

Uncle Bear helped put Logan to bed.

Check out the adorable name-tags made my Makenah!!  She sounded out everyone's name!!  Mine is above (Mureu) and Aaron's is below (Bear).

There's always a little friendly ping-pong action going on in the basement, too!
Action shots here!

Another Saturday tradition is to go to IHOP for some pancakes!!  

Here's grandma with her grand-babies.

The two oldest helped to put the ornaments on Grandma's tree!

Here's little Aaron!!  I hope Baby B looks this cute!!

And Casey is always looking for some attention!  Madelyn really likes to smile and pet Casey!!  What a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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