Sunday, February 15, 2015

February Pics

Hi everyone!
I hope everyone out East is staying warm!  Weather in Kansas this winter has been so back and forth between warm, beautiful days and frigid wind temps.  Our family is hoping for consistent warm temperatures soon!  Read further down in the blog to find out what we bought for Valentines day.  You'll never guess!

In other news, Casey got a trim and shampoo!  You can really see a difference in his shaggy paws in the first picture compared to, after getting home from the groomers, in the second picture!  

He is so soft and beautiful!  He is sporting a Vday bandana!

Superbowl Selfie!

So one of the big Western stores in Wichita is called Sheplers.  I haven't been there since moving out to KS, which is hard to believe!  Aaron needed new boots and so we made an afternoon of it!  This store has awesome clothes, boots, and accessories for REAL cowboys and cowgirls. ha!  

We found the pair Aaron was looking for!  He looks really good in them :)  
We also had to look around at the clothes and we each came out with a new pair of jeans! Woohoo!

Okay, on to Valentines week!  These are my Valentine Jamberries!  Thanks to my good friend Rachel, she let me use her second set!  My preschoolers loved looking at them and touching them throughout the week!

On Thursday, I came home to a package from my dad!  He sent me chocolates!!  (sea salted carmels!)  Thanks dad!  I love you!

Friday, the 13th, was our Vday celebration for the kids!  I spent much of my Thursday evening making about 50 sugar cookies (I have 34 kids, and made some extra for my Paras).  I used pre-bought dough to make it go quicker.  I liked the kind that comes in a roll.  The bag kind turned out a little different and more brownish.  Anyways, I had to post a picture of the cool icing tool that I got for Christmas! :)  It was perfect for writing a sweet note to my hubby on the cookies for Vday!

I took icing with me to school and let the kids help decorate!  
They were so excited for the Vday party!

Did I mention how giving gifts at Vday is more popular that giving them at Christmas?  I don't know the reason.  It has happened the last 4 years though! I got flowers, chocolate, a teddy bear, and plenty of cards.

BUT....I have to say that my hubby was the best Valentine of all!  When I got home on Friday after work he had flowers waiting for me, and the shower attachment in the downstairs bathroom was mounted!  This beautiful tub is also a shower now!  My husband is so handy!  I got him some chocolates and a new Milwaukee tool for his collection.  I am so thankful for Aaron.  He is so thoughtful and takes very good care of me, and Casey boy!

And now for the big finale!!!!!!
Yes, we are boat owners.  WHAT??!!  
You heard right. 

Before I was in the picture, about 4 years ago, Aaron had his eye on buying a boat but decided against that decision once he started traveling to see me on a monthly basis from Kansas.  So to make a long story short, Aaron started looking at boats a couple weeks ago and researching what he wanted to buy.  We drove to Wichita on Vday and spent a good part of the afternoon talking with the owner.  The owner basically re-modeled a lot of the boat, and Aaron really likes it!  I don't think the boat has a name yet, but I think we need to name it.  :)  Anyways, you can guess what Aaron will be doing on the first warm day out here.  FISHING!  

Love you all and stay warm!

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