Monday, November 11, 2013


Our small family is staying busy these days!  We've had some fun times with friends, watching football, shopping with family, and enjoying time together!  This past weekend Aaron's sister's family came to visit and we got to go shopping :)  Need I say more?  I haven't been out shopping like this in awhile, so I was excited!  We found some great decorations at Hobby Lobby!  Aaron had previously installed these shelves and they have sat empty for a few weeks.  Do you like how we each took a shelf to decorate?  I sure love it!

On Saturday morning Aaron decided to rake the leaves in our front yard and gather them up!  We had fun doing this big job together.  The trees in our front yard are huge and we still haven't raked the back yard.  Yikes!

 I just love it when we get to play with Logan and Makenah!!
Aaron was teaching Logan how to fly a plane on the IPad.  Logan's big stuff these days!  He answers questions so cute and he totally understands what we are saying!  Adorable!

Uncle Bear is so loved!

Last night (Sunday), we went to see Brian Regan perform in Wichita!  He is a comedian and was hilarious! For both of us, this was our first time going to see a comedian.  Oh boy did we enjoy ourselves!

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